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Transfer emails to WeBrandl

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Transfer emails to WeBrandl

Moving email from one host to another can be a challenge—it’s not just moving the emails themselves, but the contacts and calendar events too. This email migration service will help you find out how to transfer everything from one email to another, in no time! Use these three easy steps to transfer to Private Email, and benefit from its amazing features without losing your current contacts, emails, and events.



First, you need to know how to transfer emails from one account to another. To synchronize your emails with the new server, access your email using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) through an application like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail (etc).

Transfer emails to WeBrandl
Transfer emails to WeBrandl


You can use iCal (.ics) files to migrate your calendar events from the former email provider to WeBrandl Private Email—simply export your public or private calendar as an .ics file, and then import it to Private Email with a few clicks.


Finally, migrate your contacts to Business Email by exporting them from your old email account as a vCard or CSV, then import them into Private Email (our address book supports both file types).

Transfer emails to WeBrandl

Your email migration is seamless and free!

We transfer your entire mailbox from A to Z without any interruptions to Nindomail.

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